Ready to see the origin story of CW’s latest hero in the Golden Time lineup in 2022? DC FanDome Announces Next Sneak Peak Naomi..

Kaci Walfall A star as the title character, a cool, confident, cartoon-loving teenager as she pursues her hidden destiny. As Naomi travels to the heights of the Multiverse in search of answers, what she discovers challenges everything we believe in heroes. And when it comes to “our heroes” and the heroes we already know, that’s one of the reasons Naomi gets to her position with the new clip.


“A wild stunt is happening in the square!” Naomi’s best friend Annabel (Mary Charles Jones) sends her a text. It has something to do with Superman. “I need this for my site. Bathroom break, 10 minutes. I’ll be back soon,” Naomi shouted, rushing out of the classroom, skateboarding in the hallway, and running down the street. But then she suddenly stops … and collapses! See what she sees in the clip below before she loses consciousness.

Barry Watson and Musamu Macker also appear as Naomi’s adoptive parents in the new CW series. Clanston Johnson as Zumbad, the mysterious owner of a used car lot. Alexander Wraith as Dee, Naomi’s reluctant mentor and owner of a tattoo parlor. Daniel Puig as Naomi’s ex-boyfriend Nathan. Aidangenme as Annabel’s longtime loyal boyfriend Jacob. Wil Myers as the proud “townman” Anthony. And Camila Moreno as Lourdes, a manga lover.


Based on the DC character Naomi Written by Executive Producer Ava DuVernay And Jill Valentineship. ARRAY Filmworks’ Sarah Bremner and Paul Garnes are also executive producers. Directed by Amanda Marsalis and produced as a pilot under co-executive producer.

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“Naomi” Sneak Peak: CW’s new hero chases … Superman? (Video) | Entertainment News

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