Nasty C Represents Africa once again!!

By now, it is all agreed on that nobody is doing it like Nasty C… on an international radar at this very moment. The Ivyson continues to represent not on South Africa but Africa as a whole very efficiently, showcasing his talent to the world.

Just over a month ago, Nasty C had the opportunity to be featured on the ‘Here Comes The Break’ podcast by Defjam and iHeart Radio which we heard his new single ‘Jack’ produced by Flvme that he contributed to that internationally scaled platform. The ‘Jack’ single followed up with a music video on the very same day shot by Milesleeshotit in the States, which then accumulated 1 million views in its first week of release.

Nasty C bags another international gig.

The ‘Jack’ hit maker has bagged yet another international gig for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics as Africa’s only representative on Coca-Cola’s newly released collaborative single titled, ‘Colorful’ that features fourteen artists from around the world. The song by Team Coca-Cola and will be distributed by Universal Music Japan across the globe.


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