Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asgari was involved in a car accident.

A 27-year-old actor and fitness model who bought a car just two weeks ago opened up on social media about the incident and admitted that he was due to a clash, but no one was injured.

He states in the Instagram story: “It’s been literally less than two weeks since I gave birth to this baby, but I just had a car accident.

“Is it my fault? Yeah. Is it okay for others to be most important? Yes, that’s a good thing.”

“Black Monday” star, who has been associated with Britney since 2016, explained that he decided to focus on “positive”.

He added: “Whenever this happens, think about trying to prevent the bigger of the bad things from happening.

“Always think positively and just enjoy life.

“As long as you’re okay and everything and others are okay, everything else is okay. You don’t have to ruin your day about it.”

Police witnessed the scene of the accident, which was simply “filling out a report.”

The insider told the New York Post in a six-page column: “Sam tapped the car bumper in front of the jeep. [Rubicon]..

“There were no injuries and there was little damage to either car. Police just started to fill out a report recording the accident, but Sam has no problem.

“At that time, Britney wasn’t with him.”

The case comes after Britney’s new lawyer, Matthew Rosengert, states that he will take “aggressive” steps to ensure that the client’s power of attorney ends.

Britney, in particular, wants to make sure that his father, Jamie Spears, who previously controlled all aspects of the power of attorney, now oversees only her finances.

“My company and I are actively and swiftly working to petition to remove Jamie Spears unless Jamie Spears first resigns,” Matthew told reporters. It was.

“Negligence” after Britney Spears boyfriend Sam Asgari crashes a new car | Celebrity

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