NEWTOWN BOROUGH >> The Newtown Borough Council celebrates the New Year with three new council members and one new autonomous region mayor.

District Court Judge Mick Petrucci swore on January 3 to Republican John Burke, the new mayor of the city to switch longtime mayor Charles “Corky” Swarts, who determined to not run for reelection. I did.

Former Mayor Denis O’Brien (left), Charles “Corky” Swarts (proper), and Judge Mick Petrucci are at hand to welcome the second new mayor, John Burke, from the left. (Photo by Jack Ericsson)

“I am very honored to be elected mayor and represent the autonomous region,” stated Burke, a former council member. “I would like to thank everyone who came out tonight, my family, friends, and the citizens of this community for their great cooperation. I am able to work with this new council. I’m very excited. I wish you all the best of luck. “

Petrucci also swore to Democrats Emily Heinz and Amy Lustig in the first ward of the autonomous region, and to the councilor of Republican Mary Ren Raymond, who won the election in the second ward.

“Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to serving our community,” Raymond stated.

“Thanks to the community,” Lustig stated. “I’ve lived here for nearly 25 years and I’ve met a lot of new people last year. I really value it. I’m happy to be here and work with everyone. . “

“I would like to thank everyone who supported me,” Heinz stated. “And I would like to thank Amy for not being able to do this without Amy. I’m really excited to get to work and get good things done.”

Autonomous Region Secretary Judy Must additionally took up one other time period as a tax collector for the Autonomous Region.

“We are very grateful to be able to serve this community,” says Musto. “Today, this is the fifth time I have sworn, and my lucky son, who was able to be here today, was in elementary school when I first swore. He is now back in law school. Anyone who knows me knows how much I care about this community. I am honored to serve and live here. “

After sitting at the council table, Mayor Burke presided over the election of a new council leader. In two unanimous votes, the council elected President Sutner and Taragrunde McLaughlin as Vice Presidents. Grunde-McLaughlin has been chairman of the council for the past two years.

After the election, Burke handed over the meeting to Turner, who led the new council through many routine moves, including setting mileage repayment rates for the year, reappointing experts, and appointing committees.

The council made one change and voted to change the meeting time of the monthly parliamentary meeting from 7:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Regular council meetings remain at 7 pm.

The council also voted 4-2 to reappoint Diane Rubas as vacant chair. Grunde-Mc Laughlin and Raymond voted against a motion to support the appointment of former mayor Swartz, who applied for this position.

The Autonomous Region still has vacancy in the Committees and Committees of the Historical Building Review Committee, the Joint History Committee, the Recreation Committee Secretary, the Shade Tree Committee, and the Temporary Traffic Parking Committee.

The council also resolved in December to resume the 2022 budget approved by the previous council. The budget includes a 3 mil tax increase primarily for the payment of unfinished and approved firefighting agreements with Township.

Mileage growth is about $ 10 a month, or $ 120 a year, more than the average autonomous region’s asset valuation of $ 40,000. This is equivalent to about two cups of Starbucks coffee a month.

“There are some items that weren’t really resolved,” stated Councilor Robert Swakos. “Over time, the whole body council needs to quickly address these open issues, make adjustments as necessary, and book them by the deadline.”

“Resuming the budget doesn’t require any changes. We may reopen it and approve it,” Turner stated.

New Town Autonomous Region Council welcomes three new councilors and new autonomous region mayor – thereporteronline

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