Nota Takes On The President’s Head Of Digital Communications After Being Served Lawyer Letters For Defamatory Tweet. Nota Baloyi has always used his social media platforms to comment on various social issues in the country and has been heavily criticised because of his opinions.

Nota landed in hot water after a tweet he made before his Twitter account was suspended accusing of DJ Shimza benefitting from political connections.

His tweet read, “Shimza had been benefitting from political connections for years. He called me a moerskont but I don’t moerskont on taxpayer’s money. Khusela Diko was fired for allowing her husband to win PPE tenders and he later died of COVID19 complications. Athi’s boy toy will cost her!

His mention of the President’s Head Of Digital Communications Athi Geleba, lead Geleba to serve Nota with papers from her lawyers at Mabuza Attorneys noting that Nota is to apologise to her for the tweet and wrote out exactly what is apology should say. Nota was also being sued for R500 000 which he was given a deadline for.

It was recently reported that Nota took it upon himself to respond to Athi Geleba’s lawyer letter through his own lawyers where they mentioned that Nota’s tweet is not grounds for him to be sued for deformation of character. It was also clarified that Nota made claims against DJ Shimza and not Athi Geleba, stating further that DJ Shimza is not being represented by Mabuza Attorneys.

Parts of the letter read, “To the average Twitter user and to our client’s average twitter follower, “Athi’s boy toy will cost her” creates the innuendo that:

1.1 your client should carefully consider her relationship and proximity to Shimza.
1.2 your client should be careful of mixing her personal acquaintances and professional relationships as someone who holds public office.

The report shows that the closing statement of the letter read that should Athi Geleba wish to take the matter to court, Nota’s lawyers would welcome the opportunity.

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