Princess Diana’s astrologer revealed that she thought she was written on the celebrities for Prince Henry and Princess Megan’s daughter Lillibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten Windsor.

Debbie Frank started working with the Duke of Sussex’s late mom in 1989, and the pair was intimate till Diana died in a automobile accident in 1997.

Talking about Lillibet, the second little one of Megan and Harry, who comes after his two-year-old son Archie, Debbie informed PEOPLE: “She is very talkative, charming in character, and Leo like Prince Charles. The royal sign will rise., Camilla and Kate, she has a personal presence to become a star on her own … Perhaps Lillibet smiles the Queen like her late husband Prince Phillip. Will do. “

Born last Friday (04.06.21), before elaborating on why she believes she may share yet another feature with Diana.

She said, “Her late grandmother, Princess Diana, was a horoscope Cancer with a high emotional intelligence. Cancer likes to take care of people, and Lillibet diverts her energy to take care of others. I couldn’t do it. “

However, Debbie believes that there is a potential problem with the relationship because he believes that Lillibet could “dominate” his brother’s brother, so what number of in regards to the dynamics between Lillibet and his brother Archie? I known as consideration to that.

She stated, “Since Lily has a transparent moon in Aries, she has a robust need nature. The must get what she desires twice as quick and extra calm. It has a collection of dignity that may rule the Taurian brother Archie.

Prince Harry and Princess Megan introduced on Sunday (06.06.21) that their daughter, Ririvet Diana, had arrived safely, and the infant was named after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth (pet identify Ririvet) and mom Diana. Was completed.

Princess Diana Astrologer Reveals Baby Lillibet Prediction | Celebrity

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