Adopted from the ebook, Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations, I learn an attention-grabbing statistic about bees: “Bees are properly described as’busy’.

To produce a pound of honey, bees need to visit the heads of 56,000 clovers. Each head has 60 tubes of flowers, so giving that pound of honey to the breakfast table requires a total of 3.36 million visits. During that time, the worker bees flew three times around the world.


Small bees travel 4,200 times to flowers to produce a tablespoon of honey for our toast. He goes to the fields about 10 times a day, and each trip takes an average of 20 minutes to produce 400 flowers. Worker bees will fly up to 8 miles if they cannot find a closer stream of nectar. Therefore, if you find it difficult to be tenacious, think of bees. “

How hard are you? When something seems impossible, do you give up before you start? Or do you keep trying until you get up and reach your goal?

Now let’s do a persistence test today. Ask yourself these six questions and write down “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” subsequent to the query.

  1. Do I imagine in myself?
  2. Do I stay a balanced life when it comes to household, religion, well being, profession, and many others.?
  3. Do I do know precisely what I’m aiming for?
  4. Is my religion robust?
  5. Am I decided to see my needs to completion?
  6. Is there a superb assist system round me?

If you reply “maybe” or “no” to any of those questions, it’s in all probability the realm you must work in. If you reply “yes” to those questions, your path to success is on monitor.

In our lives, we now have all encountered hindrances and unjustified setbacks, and have heard individuals chortle, criticize, and say “no.”

Still, obstacles, closed doorways, or the phrase “no” doesn’t imply that it’s over. Rather, it means it’s important to reassess, rethink, and optimistically strive once more!

If you stick, there are not any restrictions on the place God can take you. So stick with it, strive once more and don’t cease proper now. Don’t accept lower than what you actually need for your life.

You have great skills and innate strengths. And the time of your success will come. So imagine and hold praying. Do your greatest and persist with your targets in order that the stamps persist with the letter.

Your miracle could also be within the subsequent nook immediately. This is usually a month, week, or day once you obtain the required breakthrough.

Not way back, I obtained a letter from a gentleman. Call Dan. He wrote and defined how all of the statistics have been piled up in opposition to him. He grew up in a dysfunctional dwelling, lived in poverty, was banished as a baby, and encountered many devastating experiences. And when he listened to those that informed him, “He had no future,” his angle actually started to deteriorate.

Still, with the prayers, robust religion, and full dedication that Dan realized from his grandmother, he strongly believed that he would overcome the negatives of his previous.

Dan knew the Bible as a baby as a result of his grandmother learn the scriptures that empowered him. Dan had these passages in his reminiscence financial institution. And with the phrase of God empowering him, he determined to let go of the outdated wounds inflicted on him by others and turned to his future desires.

In highschool, he obtained a job at a restaurant cleansing desk. Then Dan went up the ladder from cleansing the desk to ordering provides, then ready for the shopper.

The restaurant proprietor noticed the younger man’s enthusiasm, robust work ethic and tenacity and really useful him to attend an area college. Dan adopted his recommendation and the restaurant proprietor turned his mentor.

He taught Dan all features of the enterprise, and Dan was wonderful. A number of years later, when it was time for the proprietor to retire, Dan sincerely took over the institution.

Today, Dan is a profitable restaurant proprietor, beneficiant with noble functions, and is revered by the neighborhood for sharing his strengths and information to assist others transfer ahead. He has a contented household life and is married to 2 beloved kids.

“No matter how many mistakes we encounter, success is achievable if we don’t trust God, read God’s Word, and give up,” Dan wrote.

No matter the place you’re, who you’re or what has occurred up to now, you’ll by no means doubt that you could be be utilized by God. He sees your splendor and cares for you for a particular job.

The prospects of your life are countless. Take a daring step and transfer you ahead to God. Do your greatest, sooner or later at a time. You will arrive at your vacation spot, as Dan did.

For a few years, I’ve been attempting to assist others by speaking hope and encouragement by way of the tv media. The voice of God in me whispered.

There could also be opposition in each respect. The meandering of our minds might query “how this works”. But God is telling you as we speak to “stay on the course.”

Therefore, proceed with religion and dedication. Keep your belief in God. “The Lord will fight for you, and you will keep your peace,” so serve him and do good to others. (Exodus 14:14).

And when “busy” bees produce honey, God brings extraordinary wonders to your life. You are nearing the conclusion of your desires. There is an incredible blessing on the way in which, as there are not any boundaries about what you and God can convey collectively.

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