Faces is recording new music.

The “Ooh LaLa” group split in 1975 and reunited in the years since then, but is a full member of the original lineup until Sir Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones perform a charity show in 2015. Did not exist. A brief appearance at the 2019 Private Gig and the 2020 Brit Awards.

And now, Ronnie says that the late Ronnie Lane and Ian McLagan’s first trio to join the supergroup are recording together between sessions with the Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger. I made it clear.

He said: “I saw Mick [Jagger] Last week and rod [Stewart] And Kenny [Jones] I was here yesterday.

“Me and Mick [40th anniversary] Reissue of “Tattoo Man”.

“And I, Rod and Kenny, are recording some new face music.

“I’ve been sitting in the front row of some great rock and roll projects for the last few weeks.”

The 74-year-old guitarist who works with former Stones bandmate Mick Taylor and Bruce’s legendary Jimmy Reed on a tribute album is also a respected artist, but his main focus today. Is music and he is anxious to return to the stage.

He told Times Weekend magazine:

Rod previously revealed that he and Ronnie initially formed a bond with their big nose and love for fashion.

He recalled: “We introduced each other. I said” Ello Nose “and he said” Ello Nose “. We both had big noses.

“It was the sense of our outfit that united us, both loved the style, and a unique sense of humor.

“It has united us for years.”

Recording new music Faces | Music

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