Meet M. Rumbi: he’s a producer, sometimes singer, and occasional rapper from Nairobi whose music gently intertwines slivers of jazz and indie forming the sound of the modern songwriter. 

He released a compelling 4-track EP in November last year, titled Not All That, followed by another one in March, Weakdays. And while both offerings were relatively low-key, Rumbi only seems to be gaining speed. 

His latest track “Wonder”, written and performed with local singer Nawekulo, sticks to his signature style, offering up a cloud of soft melodies, tingling strings and heartfelt lyrics that collide in tenderness. 

But I think the best thing about this track is the contrast between Rumbi’s own, understated voice, and Nawekulo’s stronger vocal delivery. She has a beautifully rich tone that pairs magically with Rumbi’s soft sensitivity, and the result is, like the name of the song suggests, wonderous.

The track also comes with a music video directed by Rumbi himself, tracing the stages of a couple’s relationship, and while it’s more of a visualizer than a coherent story, it vividly emulates the feeling of this raw, unrestrained track.

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