Sha Sha On What Makes Her Relationship With Maphorisa And Kabza Successful. Sha Sha is a Zimbabwean vocalist and songwriter who has earned the ‘Queen of Amapiano‘ moniker and is now the poster child of the biggest musical movement in southern Africa. She often makes the headlines in the local media, collaborates with the leading producers of the genre like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and MFR Souls.

Sha Sha has released a couple of hits with the ‘Scorpion Kings’ duo including ‘Tender Love’ which completely introduced Sha Sha into the mainstream. Speaking on what makes her relationship with the duo so successful, Sha Sha said: “Hard work. Those guys work hard, and so do I, and we love where we’re from. So it shows in our work. It’s made with genuine passion and love. And the fans see this, which makes them gravitate towards the music. When they like the music, it motivates us to keep going.

Sha Sha is a result of being at the right time at the right place. She met DJ Maphorisa through a cab driver, who happened to know the DJ. “It was simply in the right place at the right time. I had a regular taxi driver in Joburg whom I shared my story with and he coincidentally knew DJ Maphorisa. The driver was kind enough to introduce me to Maphorisa and it has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. I started laying down vocals in the studio, Kabza did his thing and that’s how it began,” she explained.

“Amapiano is a vibe, it speaks for our culture, especially if you listen to the language used. The production and instruments are its own thing, and it shows a different side of Africa. The majority of it is African with a modern twist. I see it becoming very big as it goes on and threads itself into the international music scene. It captures the spirit of Africa because we’re all just really blessed people. And it doesn’t really fit into a single format, because it has evolved so much since it first came onto the scene,” Sha Sha on what draws people to amapiano.


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