Sean Ryder says he was “probably trapped in Looney Bin” if he was still living the wild rock and roll lifestyle.

Happy Mondays singers are famous for their hard party lifestyle when the band peaked in the early 90’s, admitting to being a heavy drinker in addition to cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana experiments. ..

However, at the age of 40, Sean decided to abandon the drug and live a quiet life with his wife, Joan, and his daughters.

Sean enjoyed the hedonistic life of a pop star, but it wasn’t good for him to continue the party like he was in his fifties, so I’m glad he put it off many years ago.

Sean, 58, said: “I was a crazy rock’n’roll star when I started the band when I was 18, then Monday in my twenties and Black Grape in my thirties. That’s you. When you’re a kid, you’re crazy A crazy kid, rock and roll, and when you get close to 50, it’s over.

“If I were the same person, I would probably have been trapped in an atrial fibrillation bottle. They wouldn’t kick me out!”

Sean gave up the excess of rock and roll, but his passion for music hasn’t diminished, and his new solo album, “Visits From Future Technology,” will be released in August this year.

The record, preceded by the acclaimed singles “Mumbo Jumbo” and “Close The Dam,” was originally recorded in 2010, but has been on the ice for 11 years since Sean’s appearance in the UK decided to postpone it. Reality TV show “I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! That same year.

Sean, who finally finished as a runner-up behind the Queen of Jungle Stacy Solomon in the program, allows his fans to hear the LP he finished while blocked during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am glad that it has become.

Regarding record delays, he said: “Completed in 2010, completed in LA, and after some performances in Manchester and Venice Beach, I’m back here. [UK] And I went to the jungle, and when I went to the jungle, I had a music manager called Elliott Rushman. He also played Simply Red, he decided he would go out of business.

“When I came out of the jungle, I had another manager who didn’t want to release an album because he asked me to do TV and build my profile. That’s what I did.

“I was so busy that I forgot a little. Then I thought about making a Black Grape album, sometimes bringing it in and putting it out.

“Then when we went into the blockade, I started getting things sent by others to do trucks and things. After I did that. [my manager] Alan McGee went to me. “Why don’t you put out an album? Give up on the dust.” That’s exactly what I did, remastered it, did some more vocals and put it away. So we got it. “

The “Step On” hit maker is very happy that he took the plunge and continued “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!”. All those years ago, I’m now coming to see Happy Mondays and Black Grape concerts as the TV show introduced him and his music to a whole new audience.

In an interview with BANG Showbiz, Sean said: “The jungle resumed my career at the age of 50. It was another part of my career.

“If that reality existed when I was 21-25, I wouldn’t think I did it.” We’re a band. We don’t do that. ” It was like. By the time I did … I was 48 or 49 years old in the jungle, so it was another point in my career. I would have been angry if I hadn’t really done it.

“By doing that, you can attract fans and younger fans. They’re all looking at it, and when they see it, they realize you’re in the band and until the end of the program. Once they download all the albums, they join the festival with grandma, grandpa, and 10-year-olds.

“I and Bez started those shows and brought a whole new fan base to music.”

“Visits From Future Technology” will be available from August 20th, and fans will love it. Shaunryder.tmstor.es/ For pre-orders.

Sean will also be touring with Black Grape in September of this year.

Move to Blackgrapemusic.com/tour About information and tickets.

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