Sir Sean Connery wanted his tax aid in exchange for supporting the government’s delegation campaign at the time.

The legend of James Bond, who lived in Marvelya and Los Angeles at the time, was keen to support Prime Minister Tony Blair’s campaign to establish his own parliament in his hometown of Scotland in late 1997, but spent more than 90 days. He has expressed concern about that, so he will have to pay more.

The late actor, who died last year at the age of 90, met with non-profit minister Peter Mandelson to discuss concerns and expressed anger that other groups, such as “Arabs,” were “not subject to the same restrictions.”

A memo from Mr Mandelson to Prime Minister Jonathan Powell explained that if Sean supports the campaign, he wants generosity in his tax bill.

He wrote in a memo titled “Sean Connery: Delegation and Taxes”: “I’ve talked to Sean Connery several times in the last 10 days. He’s very enthusiastic about helping promote a” yes “vote in the referendum. About the delegation of authority in Scotland.

“But he’s concerned that his coverage is severely constrained by residence rules, which means he’s obliged to pay taxes every year if he spends more than 90 days in the UK.

“He considers this personally illegal and claims that certain other individuals and in fact ethnic groups (he referred to’Arabs’) are not subject to the same restrictions. .. “

And the “League of Legends Gentleman” actor raised concerns that British tax law meant that filmmakers were reluctant to make films in the UK.

This memo continued. “He also pointed out that British rules limit the country’s ability to attract major filmmakers to shoot here.

“It is certainly true that in the last few years, especially because of Ireland’s more sympathetic tax arrangements, we have lost the big picture of Ireland.”

The minister emphasized the fact that Sean had already pointed out to Mr Powell “for some length in Los Angeles” earlier this year, but suggested that the prime minister should speak directly to the actor.

In a memo shared by the National Archives, he wrote:

“The Prime Minister may want to meet Sean next time in London or call him in Marbella or Los Angeles to assure us both that he wants to get Sean’s help in a referendum. Well, I’m sure we’ll consider the tax position on the film industry. “

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