The largest beagle dog on the planet will take off again in Season 2 nominated for the Apple TV + Daytime Emmy Awards To Snoopy universe.. Houston, number There is a complete problem with this!

A hilarious, sneaking and educational cartoon to be released this weekend, you’ll find Charlie Brown’s companions and Woodstock traveling in space in search of signs of life beyond Earth. Featuring real input from NASA and a peanut gang that provides inspirational STEM content, this journey takes Snoopy and his winged companion to Mars, distant satellites, and exoplanets. .. In addition to the comical turmoil that these two always bring, each episode also incorporates the latest NASA research.


The new batch of episodes is coming at the perfect time, as Snoopy has just been announced to go to space as the latest partnership between Peanuts and NASA, literally. In the 1960s, creator Charles Schulz’s passion for space exploration created a unique relationship between NASA and peanuts. In the Apollo X mission (original lunar landing “Dress Rehearsal”), the command module was called Charlie Brown and the lunar module was called Snoopy.

Now, in early 2022, Astronaut Snoopy is lavishly dressed in his own spacesuit designed to NASA safety standards and acts as a “weightlessness indicator” for Artemis 1. Rejoin the upcoming NASA mission. The unmanned mission will eventually pave the way for a return to orbit with the first female landing on the moon and the crew, including the first colored race.

The Artemis project will build a long-term base on the Moon and gather information to prepare for the first manned mission to Mars. Like the Artemis 1 weightless indicator, the stuffed Snoopy visually indicates that the capsule has entered microgravity when it floats, flips, and begins to drift in the air.Probably as fun to watch as animation To Snoopy universe!

To Snoopy universe, Season 2 Premier, Friday, November 12, Apple TV +.

Snoopy returns to space in Season 2 “To Snoopy Space” | Entertainment News

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