Cassper On Getting Mobbed In Public: “Sometimes I Forget How Famous I Am”. Cassper has grown to become one of the most famous people in South Africa. Through music his celebrity status could certainly be considered A-List making it more difficult for him to appear in public as easily as before he was famous.

Cassper Explains Why He Has Doubts About The Boxing Match Against Prince Kaybee Not Happening

The rapper recently appeared as one of the celebrity guests at Drip Footwear’s new store opening in Vaal. The multi award winning rapper showed up in style arriving in his Bentley. In the video posted by a tweep who was at the Drip Footwear opening, Cassper was escorted to his car surrounding by security while fans were screaming and shouting at excitement.

A fan asked Cassper how he felt about receiving so much love from his fans and what goes through his mind when something like this happens to him.

The Good For That hitmaker responded to the fan writing that it’s scary for him because sometimes he forgets how famous he is but nonetheless he is appreciative of the love from and he is grateful.

It’s scary cause sometimes I forget how famous I am. I will be chilling cracking jokes with my team while we parking the BOOM I get mobbed. I appreciate it though, like man, the way South Africa has loved and embraced me as their son is nothing short of amazing. I am grateful.“.

Being one of South Africa’s A-list celebrities, Cassper has a vision to create a series of celebrity boxing matches with various celebrities. He mentioned that he has his eyes set on stepping into the ring with Prince Kaybee, Big Xhosa, and Priddy Ugly. Other celebrities interested in stepping into the ring together are Imali Eningi smash hitmaker Big Zulu and King Monada. This will certainly be one for the books!

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