Mena Suvari had a “strange and unusual” encounter with Kevin Spacey while filming “American Beauty.”

A 42-year-old actress and a shameful actor, 61, co-starred in a 1999 movie, admitting that Mena “trusted him” while filming, but felt confused at one moment in the set. ..

She took her to the side room to prepare people for a particular scene, where they said, “Lying very close to the bed. He hugged me gently. Very peaceful. But it’s strange and unusual. “

Mena explained that she “thought about the day” after discovering that Kevin had been accused of sexual assault by many men in 2018.

“It’s heartbreaking for those who have been abused,” she added.

Mena previously admitted that when Anthony Rapp was accused of improper sexual attraction at the age of 14, he felt it was “painful.”

She states: “It’s shocking, considering that everyone is experiencing everything I’ve seen. It’s really painful.

“It’s important to focus on the conversation, healing, and victims that’s happening-the right thing to come out. It’s like what I want most and try to focus most on. We’re moving because it’s something we’re really changing. “

But Mena said she had a “beautiful experience” while working on “American Beauty”-where she played Kevin’s teenage daughter’s best friend, whose personality was crazy about him. It was.

She explained: “For me, having the opportunity to work on’American Beauty’was very special and very beautiful. I was very young and very grateful to be able to work. And such I was able to work with an experienced individual. I was great with that set. I had a great experience working on the film. “

Spacey denied the accusation against him.

“Strange and unusual” encounter with Mena Suvari’s Kevin Spacey | Celebrity

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