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Streaming Services Reintroducing the Cable Problem

Streaming Services Reintroducing the Cable Problem
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When streaming services first started gaining traction online, they were regarded as a curiosity, out of bounds for most of us who were then tied to slow internet speeds. Over time, these systems would go on to not just match traditional broadcast and cable TV, but eventually outperform these options in many appreciable ways. Watch what you want when you want, as many times are you want, with libraries far more open than anything that had come before. These were the promises of early streaming services, and they propelled the systems to international success.
In the modern age, however, the financial promise of the field has led to a much more varied market. From what used to be based around mostly Netflix came Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime TV, and much more. Though breaking up monopolies is great for many things, in this application, it also became a double-edged sword.


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