[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the SurrealEstate series premiere.]

The Roman Curia acquires a new real estate agent, Susan Ireland (Sarah Levi) In Surreal Estate By the end of the series premiere, and the episode, we’ve got her And Boss Rookman (Tim Rozon) Both have a secret.

At the premiere, the team investigates a bizarre event at the home of medical student Megan (Tenil Reed). Among them is the terrifying vision of a crazy doctor performing her autopsy. And Hellhound — and Luke confesses to her that she has been looking at her place for a while. A few years ago it was vacant and neighbors stopped by to complain about weeds. No one knows who answered the door, but the woman was never seen again. She was his mother and he left at an early age. “Mom, see you soon,” he says, looking up at one of the windows (perhaps?) After removing all the evil spirits.

But I don’t think you have Any Rozon understands what’s really happening and warns you very vaguely about what’s happening there. “You’ll think you know things at different times of the season, but you won’t know the real truth,” he told TV Insider. “And I don’t know if that will be the true truth. Meredith Jacobs, TV Insider George [R. Olson] I know, but even when I’m reading the script, I know I’ve had a few thoughts. Oh no, that’s not the reason. “

Meanwhile, Luke lets Susan handle the problematic home — items are flying off the shelves — herself. As she quickly discovers, it’s a teenager who runs things on her own. At that time, Susan confesses to her that such psychokinesis develops into some children of a particular age. “Something is short-circuited. It bends muscles that you didn’t even know you had and causes a boom. Things move. Things break,” she explains, explaining that she controls it. Guarantee to learn. “Believe me.” When a teenager asks if this happened to her when she was her age, Susan confirms that it happened. She even had problems with her loser’s boyfriend, “I set things on fire.”

Luke, who has his own ability (talking to the dead), knew about Susan’s power before hiring Susan, thanks to a little research. Rozon isn’t sure how much it played in raising her compared to her business experience. “These people have worked in the real estate business for a long time. They know a lot about each other and each other’s work. He sees some of her achievements as a real estate agent and is probably jealous. And after all, that’s what he needed for the Roman Curia. I believe it had nothing to do with the rest, “he says.

But he admits: He has this special ability that no one else he has met. Currently she does not have the same abilities, but has a feather bird. “

Levy agrees. “It’s a parallel ability that’s hard to explain to others or make them believe they exist in you without showing them. And what’s the effect? ​​It’s” normal. I’m keeping myself away from the people of the world, “she says. “So I think they’re both wrestling with it themselves, and that’s probably the underlying reason for connecting in the same way they connect without even realizing it. They both hide some of these — I think of the general public — shameful because they are really very different. What makes us special is me. It ’s the difference between us. ”

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Susan had to keep this ability secret in her previous work, but the nature of the house investigated by the Roman Curia means that it does not have to be maintained. This season, “every way, including actually overcoming her vulnerability and using the psychokinesis she has kept a kind of secret, even though the agency actually already knows it. To be able to express myself with. ” She previews. “It sees her blooming in far more fully formed and functioning humans.”

Surreal Estate, Friday, 10 / 9c, Syfy

“Surreal Estate” starring Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy on Luke’s family secrets and Susan’s power | Entertainment News

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