On behalf of 36,000 educators, affiliate professionals, and college workers throughout Pennsylvania, AFT President Arthur G. Steinberg of Pennsylvania mandated the Pennsylvania Department of Education to strengthen COVID-19 on Friday or is now. We requested for a pause in face-to-face learning till the surge subsided.

“This week, the United States set a 24-hour world record for COVID-19 infections. Here in Pennsylvania, the number of cases per day has tripled in the last two weeks,” AFT Arthur mentioned. Steinberg mentioned. “Federal school districts are facing staff shortages due to outbreaks, and the number of positive students is over 40% in some places. To counter this surge in teaching ability. , I have to do more. “


AFT Pennsylvania represents 57 local AFT affiliates in Pennsylvania, including public, private and chartered Pre-K-12 schools, community colleges, university faculty, vocational school employees and Pennsylvania employees. increase.

“Face-to-face instruction is the best way for students to learn and educators to teach,” says Steinberg. “In addition to the educational worth of face-to-face learning, many college students all through Pennsylvania depend on free, low-cost lunch and breakfast. Ideally, we all the time have face-to-face learning in any respect colleges. However, it has grow to be unacceptable as a result of elevated prevalence of academics and the shortage of certified substitute academics.

“Therefore, we’re calling on the Pennsylvania Department of Education to revive the COVID mitigation class in all college districts, not the patchwork that presently exists. This is a negotiated immunization obligation for educators and college workers. Includes pupil and workers asymptomatic and pool checks, regardless of masking necessities with a KN95 or increased masks, and vaccination standing. If these mitigations can’t be initiated in a well timed method, face-to-face learning I feel we now have to cease for 2 weeks. “Steinberg mentioned the classroom is a perfect learning setting, however not a public well being disaster.

“Educators and different college workers wish to go to the classroom. It’s the place the place they do their greatest work and might meet the educational, social and emotional wants of their college students. However, this virus, particularly the present surge, makes it almost not possible to supply the providers that educators are tasked with. “

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