Tom Brady says it’s because of his family that he’s retiring.

The 43-year-old NFL star has many “sacrifices” with his wife Gisele Bundchen, children Benjamin (11), Vivian (8), son John “Jack” Edward (13) and former Bridget Moynahan. I admitted that. He said he would consider quitting football when he was 45 years old to continue his career.

Regarding the episode of “Sirius XM Town Hall” hosted by Jim Gray, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said:

“My kids and my family are certainly very important and they made a lot of sacrifices over the long term to see me play, so you know, I also have theirs Thanks.

“I play because I like games. I play because I like to compete. Don’t stop your life just because you like something. Someone sets an arbitrary timeline for it.

“And for a long time I felt I could play until I was 45. I think I promised,’Hey, I’m going to play until I’m 45.’ And this year I’m 44, so of course next year. It’s a two-year contract. We’ll see what happens after that. “

The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl this year, and Tom admitted earlier after the victory that his wife asked him, “What more do I have to prove?”

He explained: “It’s hard to get away from what you still feel and want to do. It’s not about proving what you can do to others, it’s about proving yourself. I’m 44 years old this year. I’ve been working as hard as I can at this age, so I have a chance to prove that I can do it even at the age of 44. “

Tom Brady retires thanks to his family | Entertainment News

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