King of Prasha-The mat was rolled and the group was nearly empty from the stand.

However, the uplifting feeling was simply starting to be directed in the direction of the Upper Moreland Wrestling staff.


“This is why we love it,” mentioned excellent senior Owen Dunleavy. “It was fun. It was very fun. Everyone was having fun.”

Senior Owen Dan Levy went to Uppermoreland 4-1 in a battle at Valley Forge on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Keb Hunter, Media News.

Bears loved working and set an ideal 5-0 document on the Valley Forge battle at Upper Melion High School on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Upper Moreland is aiming for the title of the Suburban One League Freedom Division this winter, Norristown (48-23), Host Upper Melion (70-6), William Tellent (58-16), Archbishop Carroll (70-). I gained in 6).

Uppermoreland is monitoring in-fight habits at Valley Forge on Saturday, January 8, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

It set the ultimate thriller in opposition to Upper Darby, and the Bears succeeded with a 42-29 victory.

Uppermoreland coach John Defranco completed first. “This is a big step forward for our team. We have worked hard. We struggled early in the season, but we just sharpened and continued to work, and it paid off. “

When freshman Nick Ray was better than expected against Upper Darby and was able to win by the fall at £ 145, the screw began spinning towards Upper Moreland. At that time, it brought the Bears within 11-6, but that made more sense.

“It was a match on the spot,” mentioned Defranco. “I knew I was going to struggle with middle weight, so I moved some guys. We were going to get those hits along the way, and then I’m going to be a really tough top. I knew that, and our best kids are the bottom four, so it’s kind of what it should be. “

Uppermoreland moved forward at 113 (pin by sophomore Michael Mancer) and then closed with two other pins applied by junior Colin Evanson at 120 and Charles Hogan at 126.

“It feels really good. We got the freshmen to step up and we’re doing really well, and the two juniors sealed the match with a pin,” Dunleavy mentioned. “You can’t ask for a better championship match.”

Dunleavy was a rock for the Bears. He was 4-1 at 215, together with his fall victory over Upper Darby.

“I wanted to play the first match (against Norristown), but you just have to keep fighting,” he mentioned. “(Winning the title here) is a big boost. We are aiming to win the league this year.”

Nick Ray

“We were just going in and trying to do our thing,” Ray mentioned. “This is pretty big.”

Dunleavy desires to see his senior season because the bear extends to the area and ideally to the state.

“The coach prepared us all week,” he mentioned concerning the weekend. “We worked hard for this.”

Next to the Bears is a visit to Cheltenham, a rival of the Freedom Division, at 7pm Wednesday night time.

“I entered in the hope of advancing to the final, which was a great match against Upper Darby,” mentioned Defranco. “They are tough and tough teams and we are at the top. It’s exciting.”

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