Watch! Scorpion Kings Drop ‘Hello’ Music Video. Two authorities on the motion are DJ Maphorisa – who has constructed an enormous profile in South African music over the past 10 years – and Kabza de Small, also known as the king of amapiano.


Prestigious South African Scorpion Kings duo made from Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa have lastly dropped the music video of their hit track titled “Hello”. The duo teased the music video on their social media earlier than saying it’s official launch.

Since the 2 began working collectively, they’ve modified the Amapiano sport without end. Speaking on how he met Kabza for the primary time, Maphorisa mentioned: “Live gigs helped me evolve and stay on top of things on the streets. Before organising a gig, I would always ask: “Who’s popping? What’s going on? What’s new on the scene?” Once in 2018, earlier than doing a present in Soweto, I requested, “Who’s upcoming?” And the streets responded with a conclusive, “Stokie and Kabza”. So I booked them. Kabza had a sizzling single on the time, “Umshove,” and I instantly prompt that we work collectively. His good friend additionally informed me how he’d been an enormous fan of my music from the Uhuru period. But with amapiano, I didn’t wish to intervene a lot by introducing too many new parts. I used to be already a fan of the sound. Back on the studio with Kabza, I might research him whereas he did his factor after which step in the place I’m principally good at — songwriting and recording vocals. We had two completely different chemistries that benefitted from one another. We actually vibed in studio, and consequently, composed numerous music and experimented with new sounds.During that interval after we have been releasing numerous music, I really feel like South Africa began switching up and getting influenced by what we have been doing — and our sound, too, began evolving. There are sure sub-genres inside amapiano that began rising — akin to instrumentals that didn’t work in studio, however have been a success within the membership.”

“With my experience, I was able to share a lot of knowledge with Kabza. I’ve seen a lot of loopholes in how people run record labels and treat artists, so it was important that I pass on that information! Travelling also opened my eyes to how best to navigate the music industry. In LA, for example, I realised that you can be a big artist and not write your own songs. In South Africa, most musicians think they have to write, produce and engineer their own tracks. Travelling has also taught me that we need to introduce some major changes, soon, because the music game has long changed. First up, don’t sign with a major label — you can own your masters and get a distribution deal. Plus, social media and streaming platforms are good tools for growing music. Technology is moving us forward. I helped Kabza apply a lot of the lessons I was teaching him — they worked and I’m really proud of him. Going forward, the music business will be easier for the next generation of artists,” he added.

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