Youngsta CPT Explains Why He Feel Hip Hop Still Live In Capetown. In Cape Town’s hip-hop circles, it’s generally believed that town’s hottest rappers owe quite a lot of their success to the Cape Flats ambiance. Plenty of good rappers have emerged on the Cape flats, and there’s a sense of perception that the Cape flats contributed massively to the recognition of the hip hop tradition in South Africa.

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Youngsta CPT Explains Why He Feel Hip Hop Still Live In Capetown

During an interview on Slikour Onlife, Slikour made a revelation mentioning that hip hop in South Africa began in Capetown. Reminiscing the times of DJ Ready D and Emile YX, Slikour was in settlement that these are the true pioneers of hip hop. “Like you already mentioned, these are the people who started hip hop in this country, they really started hip hop.”

Youngsta CPT was actually amused with Slikour admitting that Hip hop began in Capetown. “Is South Africa ready to have that talk?” he requested hilariously. Slikour went on to say that it could be fascinating to have a dialog of South African Hip hop as a complete. “Can we really have like a conversation of South African hip hop as a package and we saw these guys and it really started in Capetown,” he mentioned.

Youngsta CPT was in settlement that the hip hop tradition began in Cape. He talked about that regardless of the Amapiano motion being dominance in Johannesburg and Pretoria, Hip hop continues to be alive within the Cape.

‘Its so loopy as a result of now that the piano motion is so large in Joburg and PTA now I additionally really feel like hip hop nonetheless lives in Capetown.” “The reason I said that is because the B-boys are still active, the Djs are still active the graph artists are still active and the MCs are still doing it you know.”

Youngsta CPT additional defined why the hip hop tradition in Capetown has not been diluted by the Amapiano motion making it clear that the individuals in Cape are nonetheless loyal to the hip hop sport they usually perceive the tradition. “In order for us to still participate the knowledge of why we are doing it and the reasons of why we are still in love with this culture is still very strong its prominent,” he defined.

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