Youngsta CPT Unpacks The Story Behind His Album ‘Dreams Don’t Pay Bills’. YoungstaCPT and Shaney Jay duet on a collaborative effort titled “Dreams Don’t Pay Bills.” The 16 tracks album has caught many individuals’s consideration in hip hop. But because the saying goes, “behind every successful story there is some kind of pain along the way.”


During an interview with Slikour on the SlikourOnLife Backyard Session, Youngsta CPT took time to unfold the occasions that gave beginning to “Dream Don’t Pay Bills.” According to the Capetown rapper it wasn’t a smooth-sailing course of for him particularly within the midst of a pandemic that struck the entire world.

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“I have my own business, got my own store, my own clothing label, I have ownership of m own music that was the dream once upon a time.” he mentioned. He went on to clarify how the Dreams Don’t Pay Bills title emerged and the way it influenced his latest album reflecting on how he has established himself within the hip hop sport and in his personal companies exterior of music.

“The ‘Dreams Don’t Pay Bills’ title that brought me to this point of in 2019 that’s when I have kinda established myself a person, the guy that owns a label, the guy that owns his stores, the guy that controls his music distribution and so forth.”

Youngsta CPT didn’t shrink back on how the pandemic caused numerous adjustments on the best way he had deliberate his issues. The rapper alluded that the pandemic uncovered him to optimistic and destructive circumstances constructing as much as the making of his album and establishing his personal recording studio.

“Dreams Don’t Pay Bills has been written on my desk in my room for like nine years, I wrote it many years ago.” I simply by no means ever auctioned it like you recognize put it to good use shall we say.” Nonetheless, Youngsta CPT went on and replicate the great issues that took place within the midst of hardship on the identical time appreciating the those that he met who helped to realize certainly one of his greatest music initiatives.

“In this time though, God has a funny way of showing you blessings that’s hidden in tragedy of course and he sends me Nashifa in this time, he sends me Shayne Jay in this time and he sends Irol in this time.” “All these different people come to the block comes to my studio because like I said its the first studio I ever had.” “This project Dreams Don’t Pay Bills is the first project I ever recorded in my own studio,” he mentioned.

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